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Satellite Communication Systems, Inc. (SCSI) is a facilities-based international telecommunications carrier. SCSI provides telecommunications services by satellite between the United States and the Caribbean, Central and South America, Europe and Africa.

Through an international satellite gateway facility in Southern Florida we currently offer our services in almost two thirds of the world and are expanding our operations beyond our traditional geographic base into Asia and the Pacific Rim.

Private Networks

Satellite Communication Systems, Inc. is leading the way for the design and installation of private networks for business and mission-critical operations requiring a secure link between headquarters and branch offices, partners, and suppliers. SCSI solutions feature high performance and reliability. Our service desk at the Teleport Facility in Florida provides 24 hour traffic monitoring for proper distribution of the traffic flow, thus avoiding network congestion and failure. Our customers' network resources and sensitive information is secured against third-party violations by access control provisioning. Read more

We introduceMagnum Link

The Magnum Link Family of Systems (FoS) is a product line of modular, scalable, and portable communications systems that provide voice, video, and data end-user services for any mission, in any location, regardless of the existing communications network infrastructure or lack thereof. The family of products (Magnum Link-Passport, Visa, and Permit) ranges from a small end-user network access point for remote services connectivity to a larger network access point that provides services locally, independent of any other network.

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