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  • Emergency Response/Continuity.

    Emergency Response/Continuity of Operations Services are offered through Satellite Communication Systems Inc. with a full service package to develop, implement, maintain and deploy voice and data connectivity restoration services for government and businesses.

    Your services and operations can be affected by a disaster at any time. Disasters come in different types and intensity. Most businesses consider locations and structures to minimize probability of natural disasters. Crisis management is also consideried when establishing a business. However, IT-related disasters such as database failures, network bottlenecks and cyberattacks can occur at any time and on a descructive scale. Our approach to Business Continuity Services is creating a custom plan that identifies risks by probability and combines Emergency Response, Crisis Management and IT-Disaster Recovery.

  • SCSI Business Continuity Services include:

    Emergency Response Plan;

    Crisis Response Plan;

    IT-Disaster Reponse Plan

    Risk reports and recommendations;

    Backup network connectivity;

    Backup unified communicaitons and collaboration;

    Backup hosted (with email) services;

    Backup databases and other applications;

    Private Cloud running on dedicated equipment;

    Shared Cloud running on shared equipment with services isolated and secured on the application layer;


  • Planning Diagram:

  • Services Diagram:

    High availability platform is available in C and Ku Band.

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