Satellite Communication Systems Inc.

Solutions and Service Provider

  • SCSI Private Networks

    SCSI is a one-call telecommunication solution service provider and ideal for private companies in a variety of Govermental Agencies and Commercial Industries that have work establishments throughout the world. Textile, Tobacco, Food Processing, Oil & Natural Gas are just a few examples of the industries that SCSI provides dedicated, secure and reliable service.

  • Global Coverage;

    VSAT Connectivity;

    Internet Access;

    DNS, Web Hosting, Email;

    Tandem Switching Services with Competative LD rates;

    Dedicated Inbound with Toll Free;

    Flexible Billing;

    Engineering & Design;

    IT Support;

  • Value Added Services and Applications

    SCSI offers high-versatile and easy to deploy communication and collaboration services tailored and scaled based on the customers requirements. We use the latest technologies to ensure security and performance of your applications. SCSI offers services in the following areas:

  • Routing, Switching, MPLS, WANS and SD-WANS

    Voice and Video Gateways;




    Conferencing and Messeging;

    Private Cloud;

    Application Development;

    Network Monitoring.

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  • I-Direct VSAT platform allows for

    provisioning of satellite transponder capacity for the uplink and downlink to remote VSAT terminals. The iDirect system is a satellite based IP solution that operates in a star, star/mesh or Single Channel Per Carrier (SCPC) topology. The star topology consists of a Hub and multiple remote Satellite Routers. The system is a 2-way broadband network solution with all traffic on the out route or downstream broadcast over a TDM carrier. Satellite routers pass traffic to the Hub on a shared in the route carrier using iDirects's highly differentiated Deterministic-TDMA (D-TDMA) access scheme. The system has a built-in automatic in route power control and adaptive channels that ensure connectivity even through severely degraded weather conditions.

  • SCSI Vendors list:

    I-Direct Evolution product line, CISCO Unified Communications and Collaboration product line, Infoblox, Asterix, Emerald Air Marshal, NetEqualizer, Aeronet, others.

  • Let Us Design a Business Communications and Collaboration Solution for you !

    Whether you are looking for setting up a new service or expanding your newtork or services, or looking for an emergency plan and business continuation services, call us, let our engineers can help you identify the right solutions to keep your business up and running at the lowest costs.