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  • Secure WAN for the Government

    Satellite Communication Systems Inc has provided communicaiton services to U. S. Air Force, U. S. Navy, U.S. Army, NASA, Federal Aviation Administration, Drug Enforcement Administration, Department of Defense, Panama Canal Commission, DISA, NCTAMSLANT, DITCO and other US civilian, government and military agencies worldwide for over 30 years. SCSI offers secure, high-performance converged communication solutions and services which include high-quality voice, video and broadband data. As a solution and service provider, Satellite Communication Systems utilises the latest technologies and networking equipment. User endpoints range from stationary VSATs to trailer or vehicle mounted, or flyway and man-packed. SCSI satellite WANs utilize all frequency bands, C, X, Ku and Ka along with SCSI domestic based Teleport Facility as a hub. SCSI has extended its hub service to include terrestrial fiber optics connectivity and hosted services. SCSI WAN utilization services are based on flexible and custom-build billing plans.

    In its most recent product capability, SCSI offers government agencies 'MagnumLink' - a portable, modular and scalable system that provides secure voice, video and data end-user services for any mission and at any location and on any device. 'Magnum Link' WAN connectivity includes VSAT, WiFi, 3G/4G LTE, BGAN and fiber optic. Magnum Link is idel for on-the-go communications and on-demand connectvity where encrypted links are required to transport multiple application protocols.

  • SCSI guarantees:

    Link budgets: best price and throughput;

    High secure, 99.99% availability satellite and terrestrial WANs;

    C-band, Ka-band and Ku-band satellite capacity and domestic Teleport service;

    X-band service;

    Modulation scheme: BPSK, QPSK, 8PSK, 16QAM;

    Access scheme: TDMA,FDMA,DAMA;

    Shared and dedicated satellite bandwidth;

    IP Multicast and Unicast;

    Voice, VoIP and IP video;

    Video, audio and content distribution;

    Guaranteed QOS;

    Enhanced dynamic routing and policy based routing;

    Custom network implementations by SCSI engineers;

    24/7 technical support by trained technicians, including on-site installations and support;

    Warehouse managed spares invetory;

    Secure User Portals for network monitoring, trouble tickets and billing.

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