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Satellite Communication Systems Inc. (SCSI)

Satellite Communication Systems, Inc. (SCSI) is a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) that specializes in communications via satellite. SCSI owns and operates an international satellite gateway facility located in Opa-Locka, Florida. SCSI is licensed with the FCC and appropriate foreign entities for international satellite transmissions and the Florida Public Utility Commission as a telephone carrier.

SCSI is a C corporation incorporated in the state of Virginia in August of 1986. SCSI has 35 employees with typical annual revenues of $6-9M. SCSI has obtained a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience over our 30 year existence all within the communications domain.

SCSI has experience both as a Prime and Subcontractor. The majority of our contracts are Firm Fixed Price and IDIQ. Our mix is 60% Federal Government and 40% Commercial. SCSI has a long list of customers, suppliers, spacecraft owners and networks we have provided service to.

Networks: Mutual Broadcasting, NBN, RKO, NBC, CBS, and ABC Radio Networks; Mississippi, Louisiana, Virginia, and the Dakota State Networks; PSN, The American Network, Campus Network, North American Phillips, Hi Net private video and cable distribution networks, Verizon, AT&T and others.

Satellite operators: American Satellite Corporation, NASA, Contel/GTE Federal Systems, GTE Spacenet, COMSAT, PanAmSat, Intelsat, Telesat, SatMex, Worldskies, SES Americom, X-Star and others.

Our history

  • Designed, integrated and installed a high speed data network utilized by the US Air Force for connecting nodes to the Cray II supercomputer. This network allows scientists at the Department of Energy to access the computer from various locations to conduct experiments requiring high-speed calculations.

    Acquisition of United States Department of Defense network from GTE Government Systems. This network consists of over 40 large satellite earth stations in the United States with active contracts into the 21st century. The department of defense cleared SCSI as an approved purchaser of the network and associated contracts.

  • Awarded MEVA PROJECT by the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization - United Nation Chartered), which provides communication between Air Traffic Control Facilities throughout North and South America. The MEVA project ensured passenger safety through communications services delivered by SCSI. SCSI was chosen as the supplier by ICAO after a thorough assessment of the SCSI SCPC DAMA platform. SCSI received this award after consideration of the proposals from other worldwide telecommunications suppliers.

  • Awarded a 5 year contract to operate the US Naval Base communication services in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba starting January 2005. SCSI's winning bid reduced the per-minute rate of long distance calls by nearly 84%. In addition to post-paid and pre-paid voice services, SCSI provides cellular service and broadband wireless and wireline dialup, DSL Internet access services.

  • Awarded another 3 year contract to operate the US Naval Base communication services in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba starting January 2011. After several renewals SCSI's completed this project in December 2016. SCSI maintained the same per-minute rate service costs throughout the 10 year service provider for GTMO.

  • SCSI developed the platform for FireRescueTV - a 24 hour broadcast network for fire stations, EMS stations and hospitals accross US and Canada and is currently service provider.



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Teleport Facility Opa-Locka,Fl


Ernie Hux, President

Satellite Communication Systems Inc. (SCSI) provides our customers with reliable communication and network solutions. SCSI delivers a vast array of voice, data, video and Internet products. Our knowledgeable and tenured employees provide our customers with reliable, available, efficient and secure networks. SCSI has operated profitably each year since our inception in 1986. Our success is directly related to many of our employees who have worked for our company for more than 10 years. Each of our employees work diligently to design, operate, integrate and incorporated evolving technologies into satellite radio frequency transmissions. SCSI looks forward to delivering your communication needs.