Satellite Communication Systems Inc.

Solutions and Service Provider

  • Satellite Transport Services

    Satellite transport services are the core of Satellite Communication Systems Inc. business and operations.

    The company offers space segment from many satellite spacecrafts as PAS-1R, PAS-3, AMC-4, AMC-12, Satmex5, Satmex6, Skynet. SCSI monitors satellite carriers for proper frequency and power using its 24/7 manned Teleport Facility (VSAT hub). SCSI services customers requiring 99.99% availability on dedicated circuits for data, voice or video transmissions. For customers that do not have VSATs, Satellite Communication Systems offers a complete turn-key solution including consulting, engineering and design, installation, maintenance and customer support. The company provides Teleport services through our antennas to complete the end-to-end satellite links with the customer.

  • SCSI corporate strengths cover numerous areas, including:

    Achieving the highest throughput - MB/MHz at the lowest cost;

    Providing reliable secure communications via satellite, cellular, RoIP, and Internet;

    Integrating customer needs over dynamically routed connectivity;

    Network analysis including reliability, diversity, bandwidth usage monitoring;

    Data Rates: 9.6 Kbps to 155 Mbps;

    Modulation schemes: BPSK, QPSK, 8PSK, 16QAM;

    Access schemes: TDMA, FDMA, DAMA;

    Frequency determination (C, L, Ku, Ka, X- bands) with satellite antenna sizing and RF power requirements based upon site locations;

    2-way applications across satellite including voice, data, Internet, teleconferencing, video transmission, data streaming digital signage;

    Expertise in network command and control utilizing in-band and out of band approaches;

    Field surveys, support and testing to ensure service is optimal;

    Spares warehouse management;

    Secure and user firendly customer network monitoring, trouble-ticket and billing portal.

  • Teaming with SCSI

    SCSI engineers examine the overall customer needs then put into place a high level architecture designed to meet customer communication applications. SCSI has worked with numerous types of communication implementation methods during the last 30 years. Communications technologies over time continue to improve and become more efficient at utilizing bandwidth, which can be the most expensive monthly recurring cost in a remote communications network.

    SCSI provides insight, management, and support for modernized communication solutions. Equally important is the SCSI ability to provide ongoing customer support and service for networks once they have been installed. SCSI has shown over the years that we are capable of supporting products and services for up to 10 years utilizing the products we offered to our customers.

    SCSI has provided the US Government, commercial businesses & residential customers with reliable service and support over many years. SCSI has always delivered on time and within budget.

  • For more information, contact:

  • Teleport Facility, Opa-Locka, FL

  • Satellite Operators

    American Satellite Corporation, NASA, Contel/GTE Federal Systems, GTE Spacenet, COMSAT, PanAmSat, Intelsat, Telesat, SatMex, Worldskies, SES Americom, X-Star and others.

    Intelsat IS-14

  • Major Satellite Equipment manufactureres

    SCSI has extensive experience with transmit/receive data systems manufactured by Fairchild Communications, Harris Corp., Scientific Atlanta, California Microwave, General Instrument, Radiation Systems, SkyData, Codan, Advantech, Paradise, L-3, LNR, Vertex, Andrews, Prodelin, ViaSat, SSE, Comstream and Comtech/EFData, Paradise, Novelsat, I-Direct and others.

  • Satellite Network Nodes