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  • What is MAGNUM LINK ?

    Magnum Link is a portable, modular, scalable system that provides voice, video and data end-user services for any mission, in any location, regardless of existing communications network infrastructure or lack of it. Magnum Link can operate as a small end-user access point or large access point that provides services locally and independent of any other network.

    At the core of each system is a cellular gateway device that allows the system to connect to available cellular networks, WiFi access points, or wired LANs/WANs providing users with secure network access through whatever means is available. The Magnum Link was designed with link redundancy and failover in mind. Users connect their wired or WiFi enabled devices to the Magnum Link and the system dynamically routes their traffic over the active backhaul links. If a backhaul link goes down, the redundant link continues to process the user traffic while a failover link is immediately, and seamlessly, brought online— completely transparent to the user.

  • Voice

    Even in today’s Information Age where we have become attached to our smartphones, computers, and social media, two-way voice communication ensures that the information needing to be communicated is immediately received and understood by the distant end in a way that email and text messages do not. The Magnum Link Family of Systems provides multiple methods of voice communication. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has become a predominant means of two-way voice communication for many individuals and organizations

    Each Magnum Link provides the ability to connect at least one VoIP enabled phone to the system in order for it to register with a hosted VoIP provider. WiFi enabled devices can connect to the Magnum Link’s access point and register to the same hosted VoIP provider via a variety of smartphone apps available for download. The Magnum Link-Visa and Permit take two-way voice communication to the next level by incorporating their own VoIP Private Branch Exchanges (PBX). Users no longer need to register their devices to a hosted service at a distant location. User devices register locally at the Magnum Link-Visa or Permit’s full feature PBX, giving them the ability to talk locally within the system provided network or externally to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). This full feature PBX includes conferencing, call waiting, three-way calling, music on hold (MoH), and voicemail among many other features at no extra cost.

    The Magnum Link-Visa and Permit take two-way voice communication one step further by integrating Radio over Internet Protocol (RoIP) technology, which allows handheld radios to be connected to the system allowing the two-way communication between radios and phones. The RoIP technology also enables radios operating on different frequencies, bands, and waveforms to communicate with one another. For example, Diplomatic Security Service, Marine Corps Embassy Security Group, Host Nation Liaison, embassy quick reaction force, etc. can communicate with one another regardless of the radio they have (one “donor” radio for each type must be connected to the Magnum Link-Visa or Permit).

  • Video

    With more and more people using the Internet instead of television to remain up-to-date, the ability to view live news and weather streams has become a requirement for many individuals and organizations. Each system in the Magnum Link family provides its users the ability to stream video from cloud hosted servers. Each system also provides the backhaul for its users to upload their own videos to cloud-based servers to stream to anywhere in the world. The servers integrated into the Magnum Link-Visa and Permit provide the ability to store video while hosting video streams to other users connected to the system or to authorized users located elsewhere on the Internet. The PBX component of the Magnum Link-Visa and Permit allows users to place and receive two-video calls on their smartphones or other properly equipped devices with the download of free apps from iTunes or Google Play.

  • Data

    The flow of information not only drives the economy, it also drives world events and our lives. The ability to share information during times of disaster/crisis is vital to ensuring that personnel and resources are appropriately assigned in a manner that expedites the recovery process and returns things back to normal. The secure transmittal of data between government officials is crucial to Nation’s ability to make timely decisions that positively impact the Nation’s foreign policy. Each system in the Magnum Link family provides its users the ability to receive information through virtually any user software platform while providing that same user the ability to send information to decision makers or to those who need to carry-out instructions.

  • Customization

    The Linux and Windows-based servers of the Magnum Link-Visa and Permit allow each system to be tailored to the specific requirements of the users without any physical changes to the system’s hardware. Publicly obtained or proprietary software can be installed in a variety of scenarios as the system administrator sees fit. The scalability and flexibility of the different Magnum Link systems makes them suitable for use in diplomacy, crisis response, humanitarian assistance, remote access from outside a government facility, etc.

  • System Overview

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  • How does Magnum Link connect to the World Wide Web ?

    Magnum Link can connect to the World Wide Web using any communications medium. Wide Area Network (WAN) connection possibilities include WiFi, 3G/4G LTE Networks (insert SIM chip), satellite earth stations, BGAN, fiber optic, GPS or any type of Ethernet connectivity.

  • What type of devices operate with Magnum Link ?

    Magnum Link has been designed to work with any end user device including cell phones, laptops, Windows or Linux Systems, PBX phone systems, or radio trunking (including Radio over IP).

  • How reliable is Magnum Link ?

    Magnum Link is guaranteed for reliability over 99.99%. Our product is fully warranted for the 1st year of service. Additional warranty can be negotiated at the time of purchase.

  • How does Magnum Link secure communications ?

    Magnum Link secures communications within the assigned network. Both end user devices must be connected to a preauthorized Magnum Link node. Commercial or military grade encryption system can be utilized between the end users including: VPN, IPSEC, PepVPN, WPA/WPA2, PSK and WEP.